Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Mr.Nobody to Mr.Awesome

I always wanted to have friends, talk to people, share my thoughts and feeling but the world is a very competitive place and I am just an ordinary guy with an ordinary life.

Everyday I used to stand in the bus stop and wait for my bus to go to my office. I used to see a beautiful girl standing in-front of me everyday. We are the only two person standing at the bus stop at that point in the morning. You may ask then what's the problem ? The problem is that she doesn't even know that I exist...

The most popular person in the office, doesn't even recognize me. I have talked to him so many times during the office parties but whenever I try to talk to him in the office, he is never able to remember me. It's not his fault, he may be meeting hundreds of people everyday and I don't stand out in any way...

After reaching home, I feel that at-least my brother will be interested in spending time with me but he too is not interested in that. He has his friends and he likes having fun with them. I miss the time when two of us used to spend lots of time together and used to have lots of fun.

After my brother left, I was left with my dog. As they say dogs are man's best friend. I like playing with him but he too gets really bore while playing with me. After few minutes, he will just go to one side if the lawn and sit quietly. If I will call his name, he too gets angry.  :'(  :'(

One day I decided to go to the nearby store for shopping. They keep all kind of stuffs. It's not just girls, everyone likes to shop. Shopping is definitely a good healer.

While shopping my eyes stopped at MOTO E. The moment I saw the phone I knew this would be my FIRST SMART PHONE. I bought it without wasting a moment and let me tell you my whole life just became AWESOME from that moment.

The girl in my bus stop started talking to me. She noticed my new MOTO E and  decided to ask me about the features of the phone. She has heard a lot about this phone. I explained her all the features and told her that if she would like I would also accompany her when she will like to buy a phone for herself.

The most popular person in the office actually recognized me in the last party. He told me play some good music from my MOTO E. With 4G speed and Qualcore processor, it can music and videos all day long.

After seeing the phone my brother also started spending more time with me. He loves going through different apps and playing games. You can do all these things with the new MOTO E. Further, I don't have to worry about battery. The phone has a really long battery of 2390 mAh which is build to last the full day.

The phone comes with two amazing cameras. It has 5- megapixel rear camera and has a front camera too. You can click wonderful pictures with the rear camera and at the same time you can click selfie's with the front camera. With Motorola's quick capture feature you can quickly shift to the capturing mode.

It's true that everyone likes get clicked, even my dog Scooby enjoys getting his pictures clicked or maybe he is just happy by seeing me happy in my life.

I hope all you people will also start your new life with MOTO E. #ChooseToStart Make Moto E your first smart phone and you will see that you life gets totally transformed.

Read more about it here, http://www.startwithmotoe.com/


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