Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Vision of Digital India

Digital connectivity should become as much a basic right as access to school. - PM Narendra Modi
Our country is moving towards an era of digitization, where data will be just a few clicks away from the people. Digital India won't just improve the connectivity and communication but will also impact the way the country is governed, the way our education system will function, the improvements our health care industry will see, the jobs that will be created for the rural poor and the tremendous growth our banking and finance sector will witness.  

The term "Digital India" encompasses growth and development in fields into one. There are sectors in which digitization has already percolated and then there are fields in which the development has just started but at the same time there are many areas where lots of work is needed to be done. The thrust of the current government towards creating a system of E-governance  is giving positive results.

E- Governance - The government has taken many steps towards simplifying the process of governance and allowing people to get their jobs done quickly. In this initiative the government has also launched a online portal negp.gov.in which gives all the information regarding the National E-governance scheme.

Further all the ministries have taken the E-governance very seriously and have made a dedicated section in their website mentioning the services that are available online for the customers. The main website of the country which lists all the government websites feature E-governance prominently. The department of Information technology have been the front runner and flag bearer of the E-governance scheme in India.

How E-governance through technology will accelerate vision of Digital India

E-governance covers a wide spectrum of topics. It is nit limited to any one sector or domain but it spreads it's roots across all  major sectors. Here is the sector wise description of the current impact of E-governance and the future implications, i.e., how each sector will get impacted by E-governance and will accelerate the vision of Digital India.

IT and communication - IT and Communication is the front runner in implementing the E-governance model. There will be lots of work that still needs  to be done in the field of IT and communication. Some of the changes that needs to be done to improve the Connectivity and the connection are given below.

The communication and IT is the fundamental requirement towards creating a digital India. If people won't have the means to go online then people won't be able to use any of the E-governance facility hence it is of the prime importance that large sections of the people can be brought into the ambit of internet and 3G data connection.

Education -  Education is another field which requires lots of attention. For digital India to be successful the education sector has to flourish and there has to be a lot of technology that has to be put into this sector so that our next generation becomes competent enough to understand E-governance model.

E-governance can't be successful till we have a great computer literacy program. Further we have to make to understand the benefits of technology and E-governance. We are moving from computer technology to mobile technology, i.e., the technology is getting more sophisticated hence a proper framework is required to train our future generations. The following steps should be taken 

Health Care - There are many improvements that are needed in the health care sector. India is facing many problems in implementing health care facilities. Even in this era of technology, thousands of people in our country die because they didn't get proper medication and treatment facility. The prime reason of that being no information about the health care policies. Most of the rural population don't even know where to go for treatment and where they should ask for medicines. Thousands die giving birth, millions are dying because of very nominal illness which could have been cured easily. This winter swine flu killed more than thousand people in the metro cities of the country.The changes that will be required for better E-governance

Banking and Finance - I think digital India is going to benefit the sector of banking and finance the most. The introduction of online banking and mobile banking facility has taken the whole industry into a new league. The governments flagship project of Jan Dhan yojna and the countering the black money is also dependent on this sector only. 

The government has already started tracking all the black money in the country and giving transaction limit and quoting pan number for every transaction more than 1,00,000 is steps in the right direction. There are still lots of work that is needed to be done. As this sector can make and break our economy and is the backbone of any country hence digitization in this field is of prime importance.

What other benefits Digital India will provide in the lives of people ?

Jobs for rural poor - People will be better trained and equipped hence will get better opportunities of work. Further through internet they will be able to connect and find jobs all across the country. The technical innovation will also create jobs for the people in the rural areas.

Science and Technology - we will be able to develop indigenous war ships and machines which will decrease our import costs and will make us a prime player in export of arms and space research projects. We are already leading in the export of IT services.

Tourism - Tourism will benefit a lot as people will be able to discover many new places and the travel will become more convenient as details about accommodation, transport and food will be available online. The local business will flourish and can generate revenue.

Customer grievance - I think solving problems of customers and people who avail government services should be of prime importance. If the system to lodge complain is available online then people will be able to get solution really quickly. 

Entertainment and Culture - the entertainment industry will be flourishing as people get alternative medium to reach people. They can reach people through digital medium. Further, for most of the people in our country there is no source of entertainment except movies and television. Hence having digital entertainment will increase the happiness index of our country as well.

Hope the dream of #DigitalIndia becomes accomplished soon.


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