Monday, April 6, 2015

Mid segment Hotels in Delhi

Delhi being the capital of the country attract thousands of tourist. Domestic as well as Foreign tourist both flock to Delhi for experiencing the heritage and culture of Delhi. Delhi offers all kind of accommodation for people from lavish  5 star hotels which will cater to every possible need of yours to budget hotels which is the best bet for budget travelers.

Delhi witness travelers throughout the year. Thousands of people visit Delhi everyday. So, if your planning to visit Delhi at any point of time in the year then I would suggest that you should definitely book your accommodation in advance. Don't thing that you will land in the city and Hotels will be waiting for you to come. Further if you haven't researched much then the hotels may charge you exorbitant amounts knowing that you are new to town. The rates also get increased if the hotels start getting lots of inquiries. To be on the safer side it is always recommended to book your hotel in advance and make your plans accordingly.

If you are planning to travel to Delhi, what I would suggest will be mid-segment Hotels. These hotels won't burn a hole in your pocket but will give you all the amenities you need. Though selecting a good hotel is definitely a hard task. You should keep a lots of things in your mind before selecting a hotel. 

First thing is the safety, so try to book a hotel in the areas where travelers frequently visit or the hotels which are recommended by travel bloggers or travelers. Paharganj and Karol bagh are places where you get lots of option for budget hotels. Both of these places are popular among travelers. 

Secondly, you should also keep in mind the places you want to travel. Since Delhi is really huge and traveling from one part to another is really hectic sometimes hence try booking a hotel at a place which is near to the places you want to visit.

Always check the following things before making the booking

  • No. of days the booking is for
  • Check in and check out timings
  • Facilities offered like Wifi, breakfast, pick up etc. 
  • Food preferences
Don't book a hotel which is far from metro or bus stops as this will make you travel tedious. Further check all amenities the hotels are offering. Most hotels will provide you with details about the city tour. many of them have their own cab service or have a company attached with them which provide cab service. You can also book Ho-Ho bus service which takes you to many great places across the city at a reasonable cost. Hope you experience a comfortable stay at mid-segments hotel in Delhi.

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