Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Short story : Morning flight

The drizzling sound of shower broke Rishabh's sleep. He was still feeling sleepy, he looked at the watch which was kept at side table of his bed. It's 5'o clock in the morning and priya is taking a shower...ohhh I remember she has to leave for outstation meeting today. 

He tried getting out of the bed, suddenly he heard the phone buzzing, he checked his but it was still lying near his pillow idle. Okay, it must be Priya's phone, he picked it up but the buzzing stopped. Maybe she is getting late, I think I should tell her to take the shower fast.

As a tried to get out again the phone again started buzzing. He picked it up thinking it might be important. "Darling, are you ready ? I'm waiting outside your house for last 15 mins, we will miss the flight to our dream destination, priya yoouuuuu" Rishabh disconnected. 

He kept her phone next to her pillow as he heard Priya's voice coming out of the washroom. "So, you woke up", Priya asked in an excited voice. "Yes, thought I should see you the last time" 

"last time ? I'm just going for a trip" Priya told in a bit puzzled voice, As Rishabh stared at her giving a blank look, Priya said in a hurry "I'm leaving Rishabh, already late for my flight, you want to say anything ?" Rishabh was still silent.

As she moved out of the door, Rishabh said "Priya wait !!!"

"You have left your phone on the bed",  Rishabh closes the door. 


  1. After a long time, reading a short story of yours and as always, your stories have a unique and different aura. It was a good read, but felt really bad for Rishabh :(

  2. Nice story Gaurav. Keep writing such stories....:)

  3. Poor Rishabh. :( Why do people betray someone's trust?
    Anyways, great story.

  4. Very interesting read Gaurab! Good to have you back :-)

  5. Nice twist Gaurab... feeling bad for Rishabh.... :-(

  6. Wonderful story. Very unfair...the pain of the heart that's been cheated and betrayed..It made me sad.


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