Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Short story : Incomplete encounter

It was like any normal day, Girish and Naina were chatting like they do everyday. Suddenly Girish heard a noise, it was coming from outside his house. He was surprise as he wasn't expecting someone at this time of the day. It was late at night and nobody visits him this late. 

He got up to open the door. As he was nearing the door the voice became louder. Now he could listen to the voice clearly. He totally forgot about the chat he was doing and was pulled towards the voice. When he reached the door...the voice was so clear that he recognized it very well. It gave him a shiver as the voice he was hearing was Naina's.

He was puzzled that how could this happen. He can't hear her voice as she lives far away. He opened the door with lots of inquisitiveness. His heart was racing as he opened the door slowly. To his dismay, there was nobody there , he looked around the stairs but couldn't find anyone. 

The only thing he noticed was a shining white light coming from down the stairs. He asked " Is there anyone ?" There was nobody replying. He followed the light down but as he went down the light just faded away. It was like the light was engulfed by the dark. 

He was in a shock as he wasn't able to comprehend what was happening. He was standing still and thinking what just happened ? and his phone rang. 

"Why were you not replying to me for last 25 minutes" said the same voice which he followed as he picked up his phone. "Naina is this you" said Girish. "Yes, who else. What were you doing for all this time" yelled Naina.

"Nothing."  Girish replied.

"I was just lost in your thoughts..."


  1. Very Captivating story!!!!! Nicely depicted ......

  2. This IndiVine topic is killing me with incomplete stories!!!! I need a second part :)

    1. I agree with you Shruthi :)

  3. Interesting story.
    Is this encounter complete or incomplete?
    Should we await for a 2nd part??

  4. I loved the way you have built the element of suspense around the story. An extremely thought-provoking story. Brilliantly written, Gaurab :)

  5. Nicely conceived and expressed :)

  6. Well written. I agree with Madhumita. There has to be an endinv to these stories :)

  7. A perfect incomplete story :) .

  8. Kept me till the edge :) that's super!!

  9. Well expressed and interesting too :)

  10. Indeed heartwarming Gaurab. Loved the way you put it. :)


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