Monday, June 15, 2015

Energizing your office time

Most of us wake up everyday and follow the same routine. We get ready and use any transport to our office and spend the rest of the day in our office. Office is the place where we spend most of our day and sometimes after long hours of work we just start feeling bored. 

For most of us, lunch is the only time when we move out of our desks and cubicles and take some rest and look around. We meet some of our colleagues and friends. We share our lunch and more than that we share our stories. Still this is not most refreshing time. 

A recent survey in our office suggested that most of the people were not feeling even 50% as effective after lunch as they were in the morning. It meant just one thing that there was mental fatigue and there should something done to get people rid of this feeling and increase their productivity.

Our senior management decided to give us a surprise today. As we were eating our lunch in the open area, we saw a large stage which was set in one side of the area. Suddenly as we were eating we saw Allu arjun coming on stage and accompanying her was none other than Anushka manchanda. 

They came. They saw. They conquered. The two maestros of their field came on the stage and without telling anything they started their performance. The mesmerizing voice of Anushka caught everybody's attention and everyone got pulled towards the stage. When everyone was looking at the stage they saw the brilliance of Allu Arjun who enthralled everyone with his magical dance performance.

Some people even forgot that they were eating their lunch, people were so busy that enjoying the dance and music performance of the duo that they lost count of time. As Anushka started singing some peppy numbers from movies, some people found their lost rhythm and  started dancing on the floor only. Many tried copying the steps of Allu Arjun but were no way near to his brilliance. 

In the last few songs everybody started singing together and the whole atmosphere was no less than a concert. After the performance or the "concert", everyone went back to their work. Most people were so refreshed after witnessing such a amazing performance that their work was much better in after lunch. Music and dance are therapeutic for most of the people and is scientifically proven that listening soothing music increases our efficiency and performance. 

"Can we have this kind if performance every day during our lunch hour ?" asked one of my colleague to another as we were going home after office. 


  1. Music is indeed therapeutic. Seems like a nice way of energizing the office hours.
    I tagged you to the 3 day quotes challenge. Hope you don't mind!

  2. Anushka is the tall one, isn't she? Which songs did she belt out? I think she was part of a music group Viva.


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