Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Father deserve a hug

This father's day I was remembering all the wonderful moments that I had shared with my had and all the amazing things he had done for me. My father has always been a person whom I have looked up to but it's not just that he has also been my support system and the person whom I can fall back upon. 

There are many stand out instances where he stood there for me even when I was making mistakes and facing setbacks. He believed in me when I lost my believe in myself. Today it is not about setbacks and failures but new starts, I am trying to rediscover lots of things in my life these days and hence I would write about fresh starts. The times when my father gave new dimensions to my life.

In my young days I was a very shy and introvert kind of a kid. I liked being around my family and used to talk very less with other people. I used to be really creative and imaginative but I was reluctant to show it the world. I think I would be around 6-7 years old when my cousin enrolled for music classes. She used to learn harmonium and classical music. When she used to come home and practice I used to sit beside her as the new musical instrument in my house really intrigued me. My dad saw me sitting there and asked my mother that does he have interest in singing ? My mother used to make me sing from my childhood and hence she responded that yes, he likes singing. 

My father got some idea and the next evening told me to be ready, I got ready and went out with him. I liked travelling but it was not a normal travel which we used to do. He took me to a shabby looking house and made me sit and went inside. Moments later I saw a man coming my way, wearing kurta paijama, till that time I also noticed the pictures in the living room. I knew he was music teacher. 

He was really simple person, he sat in-front of me and asked me do you like music ? I was really nervous and just nodded my head in agreement. Then he asked me do you love singing ? I was a bit more confident and said "Yes". He smiled at me and then said, then sing any song that you like. I sang few of the songs which I knew he might like. I had a basic understanding of music from that time but was not aware till that point. He looked at my dad and said, "He sings well and has a good voice, I will definitely polish his skills"

My father was happy and he gave my life a new dimension. From that moment music officially became a part of my life. He had pre-ordered a harmonium for me and when I reached home it was there in my bed. I got ecstatic looking at the amazing instrument. Though I didn't know how to play it properly, I still started playing it. In the years to come I learned to play it well and sang in my school and community events. 

So, this father's day I will definitely Hug my dad #HugYourDad for introducing me to all the amazing things and for exposing me to new dimensions in life.

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