Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Hug your Dad

"Dad is son's first hero". This line perfectly describes a father son relationship. When a son is growing up, he looks up to his father for inspiration and support. He emulates the qualities his father has and notices every movement that his father makes. 

I was really blessed that I had a father who was really supportive of the things which I wanted to do in my life. Though there were times when he used to became really apprehensive about what I am going to do with my life but he was always open about it, he would talk about the things which he felt was wrong and gave me a chance to convince him on the things which I thought would be correct.

He always gave me the freedom to make my own choices, he backed me in all of them. In some of the choices which he agreed on and in some of the which he was totally against, he supported me in all. He stood there for me when I felt then pressure of performing, he consoled me on my loses and celebrated like a kid on my successes. 

As we grow up we tend to start making our own decisions and we somewhere forget to take suggestions from the person who made us big enough to take our own decisions. We think we are capable enough to take our decisions and sometimes in this thought process we end up missing out on some valuable advises. This was true with me too as I started staying in hostels really early in my life, I started making my own decisions and this made me more self-reliant. It is good being self-reliant but being defiant of the suggestions your well-wishers are giving you is really not the right thing to do. I made some really bad choices but as my father had always taught me not to give up, I stood tall in even in my failures and setbacks. I picked up myself and fought back to achieve what I wanted to achieve. Even after being defiant and after facing setbacks he always stood there for me.

This father's day a friend of mine asked me, "what does father stands for you now when you are a grown up person and you are capable enough to take all your decisions ? ". I said father means "the person you can fall back upon". You can always rely on him for help, he is your go to person and he is your last resort. 

As you grow up you realize you short comings and start working on them, you embrace yourself and you realize a very important thing that your family are the only people who will always stick with you and help you out in all your problems. When you are enjoying your life there will be hundred people around you but when you are down and have nobody around that's when you realize that your father was always standing there for you. 

So, this father's day Hug your dad #HugYourDad , not for the person he is and neither for the person he has made you but for all the days he quietly stood by you and saw you grow. For all the moments when he had hold your hand and also for all the moments when he had let your fly. Give him a hug for the love he has for you and for the love you should show him. Give him a hug because he deserves nothing less than that.

Do watch this wonderful video on father son relationship, I think they have nailed it. If you are son or a father you will definitely relate to this and it will make you emotional for sure.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.” 


  1. Your genuine love shines through! In today's times, what we once took for granted, is nowadays in scarcity. I wish all children learnt to appreciate their parents. Cheers!

    1. Thank you so much Sweety :-) Yes, today the value for relationship is no more there, people are materialistic and have lost the faith and hence genuine love and respect for each other is missing. I wish the same for everyone that they start appreciating the people who love them. :-)


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