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Book Review : First job and ten mistakes

                                           Book         : 1st Job and 10 mistakes
                                           Author     : Uttam kumar
                                           Publisher : Author's Ink Publications
                                           Pages        : 46
                                           Price         : INR 100

Blurb  -  Credit cards are your advance salary and not additional salary.Avoid SpEaR, adopt ESS. Loan for loan is suicidal. It's always the first step that matters, the rest will follow.

Author Background - The author has done masters in mathematics, spent 19 years in Commercial, Sales, Marketing and Finance! Had a liking for writing since his school days but there was no one to guide so could not do anything. As he attained 35 years of age, he started his own business to take a break from hectic Life. Started writing. "First Job and Ten Mistakes" is his first published work

Review -  This is a non-fiction book and comes into the self-help genre.The book 1st job and 10 mistakes is a book for the people who are just starting their careers and their long independent journey of working life. The book tries to provide an overview about financial planning to young people who are beginning their careers but don't have any knowledge about finances. The book is just 46 pages long in which around 8 pages are just blank tables given for writing long term  and short term goals. I generally don't quote from self-help books as there isn't much to comment about the writing style.  

Merits - The book doesn't have much errors and writing is fine. Since the last book I read had so many mistakes, this book came as a relief. Although this is a basic necessity which every book should have. 

Demerits - I think the author could have done a lot more with this book. There were so many topics on which he could have written more and given in-depth analysis. In self-help books, examples from real life or creating stories around the topic you are writing about helps to engage the readers and allows the author to put forward his point in a better manner. The book lacked on all this front. 

The author is skeptical about equity investment and that comes to fore over his emphasis on fixed deposits and telling the young people not to invest in equity market which I felt was a really wrong advice. When a person is starting a career then it is the best time for him to invest in equities as he has no liabilities in his head and he has time in his hand. The banker in me couldn't control himself but to comment about this topic. I think he missed the inflation and taxation which plays an important role when a person invests in fixed deposits.

Verdict - The book is good as an overview and one can go through as an individual's point of view and experience. The research is low and it misses the most important point "why" ? If you will work in BFSI industry this "why" is the most common question people will ask. Why I should do financial planning ? Why should I invest in Fixed deposit ? Why is FD better than mutual fund ? 

Rating - 2 and 1/2 stars out of 5 

Buy the book - First job and ten mistakes

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  1. It has become fashion nowadays for bankers to write books. I think they are all inspired by our beloved Chetan Bhagat I think i will give this book a miss



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