Friday, August 21, 2015

Airtel 4G - The Fastest Network Ever

In this lightning fast world we all want to do our works as quickly as possible. Our mobiles being the most important part of our daily life hence needs to be fast as well. We buy the best technology that is available in the market. We buy the newest model with all the features that one can possibly get. The best processor, huge memory and most advanced camera. After having such a powerful device in your hand if you are still struggling to communicate with your friends and watch quality videos and songs online then all the money spent on the gadget is a waste.

Airtel has always been known for their service. I have been using there services from day 1. Airtel was first sim which I bought and till now I have been loyal to then. Yes, of course I have changed my number but I have never felt the need to change my operator. Currently, I have 3 connections and a broadband service from airtel hence I can personally vouch for their impeccable service.

Airtel has now come up the 4G services, they are the pioneer in this as well. The best in service is now also the first in providing you the fastest speed in the country. They are the first telecom operator to launch 4G services. This is not all. They have launched in across all cities in India. 296 cities will  be able to part of this grand launch.

We all want to have the best speed so that we can watch videos non stop, it is really a painful experience when our video stops in between. 4G is going to do away with all this pangs of the speed which we used to experience earlier.

All of us want that we can easily download movies and should not have to wait long enough for that, with airtel 4G we will be able to do this.

The best part about this launch is that getting an airtel sim is just a tweet away. We would just have to tweet #GetAirtel4G @airtelindia and the sim card will be delivered to our house. All we have to do is just tweet and the sim will be delivered free of cost to our home. The best in service is living upto their name by giving such amazing service for delivery.

Now coming to the part which is most important to us Indians. We all want to know what does something cost. We want the things to be cheap and effective and airtel has definitely come up with that. The airtel 4G  will cost the same as airtel 3G. Whatever data we were using will become faster but the cost will remain the same. Hence we will get higher speed at the same price. So, there is no more worries which will stop us.

I will personally be

- doing a lots of movie download

- Playing online games

- Watch amazing trailers and songs

- Will keep chatting day long with friends

- Will be downloading lost of HD wallpapers

So, what are you waiting for ? Go tweet and receive your Airtel 4 G sim.

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