Friday, January 22, 2016

Impact of constructive politics

Impact of constructive politics is really underestimated. People thing that politics means a game of dirt. In the nineties it became just a tool to grab power so that you can rule. Politics is not for ruling but is for working for people and creating policies which will help the society.

In recent years politics is facing the worst crisis, it has been taken over by either corrupt people or people who have hidden agenda of diving people. Politicians have forgotten the politics of people and politics for society. 

With great power comes great responsibilities. A politician is accountable to the whole country. The language which he uses should set an example in the society but in our country politicians are everyday giving statements which are divisive in nature. Politicians are playing the same card which the British rulers played, divide and rule. They first create the situation where people are discussing only religion or caste and not the real issues which are pertaining to our society. Then they divide the votes in themselves and again enjoy for another tenure.

I would say that there is a lack in interest from the educated class which has led to this kind of situation. The educated  and well established class of people want to stay away from the politics. They just let the corrupt politicians work freely as it is not impacting them directly. 

We don't just need activism but we need action. We need good people to come into politics. We don't need a situation where we have to select our representative from either a corrupt person or a person who wants to divide the society. Politics is currently filled with people with criminal records. People who have been accused to rapes and murders and representing our society and our country. If this kind of people are governing our country and making decisions for us then you know what kind of country we are living in.

We have to talk about the things which impact us on daily basis. We have talk about providing electricity to every household in the country. We have talk about providing drinking water to every individual. We have to talk about good education system and giving good health care system to our people. If we do this kind of constructive politics then we are sure to become a better nation in future.

In the recent years we have seen a lots of changes coming into politics. There has been a surge of good politicians who have come into politics and they have making a visible impact on the society. We have to understand it in basic terms, for example iof there is a company which leads an CEO, we will see that the CEO should be a person who should be able to take everyone along and will be able to create an atmosphere for growth. we would also want that the CEO should be a competent person who should know his work and should be well qualified. The same is true for politics. If you just substitute CEO and put a POLITICIAN in that place the you will understand what kind of politician you actually want for your country. As this is your country and you are equally responsible for choosing who is leading this.

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