Thursday, January 21, 2016

Music for every emotion

Music is the language of soul. Music is something which always fascinates me. There has been times when i spent hours thinking about songs and the musics which have been close to me and impacted me.

isn't it so amazing that there is music for every mood. There are songs which we would like to hear when we are happy and then there are songs which we hear when we are in really bad mood. There are songs like Pehla nasha which you would love to hear when you are in love and then there are sad songs like tujhe yaad na meri aayi which you would listen when you are heart broken.

We listen music to motivate ourself or sometimes just to divert our mind. we know that how sportsperson listen to music before their game. Music is such a wonderful healer. If you are not in good mood, you can listen to some peppy number and in minutes you will feel that the world around you is so good.

I have seen many people listen to metal or rock music. It takes them to some kind of trance, they try to go away from this world while listening to that kind of music. Then there would be people in the metro who will listen to music just to avoid listening to the non-sense the people in metro are talking.

There are people who love listening to devotional song .I also fall into the same bracket. I love listening to devotional songs. Every morning me and my family listen to devotional songs for more than an hour. It is kind of a ritual that we follow every morning.  

The birthday song which we sing for our loved ones is another example of such songs. We can sing any song but it won't give us the same feeling like singing the happy birthday to you.....

We all have songs and music which are special to us. It can be a song or just some instrumental music. There are so many instruments and sometimes just playing those instruments give us a heavenly feeling. In my early childhood I used to play harmonium and that music is still fresh in my ears. Whenever I hear someone playing harmonium, which is rare these days, I go back to my early childhood days. 

I remember the songs which was played in the freshers day in my class eleven and the songs which I use to sing in the morning assembly. Songs have deep impact. It can motivate us and arose our feelings to do something or achieve something. 

While talking about music and songs, I would have to mention our national anthem. We all stand up whenever we hear our national anthem. This happens because we have respect for that song. It brings out the patriotism in all of us. Hence we see that just once song can impact us so much.

From the day a baby is born till the day he dies. There are songs which represent each and every emotion. Love, hate, sadness or being extremely happy...we have songs for each and everything emotion in our life. So which song you are listening right now ?

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