Sunday, January 24, 2016

Impact of a loss

Impact of a loss can never be quantified. We all go through loses in our lives. It can be personal loss liking a close friend or relative. Then there is financial loss where we end up losing money or asset. We also have social and professional loses. Sometimes losing your surroundings where you grow up can be devastating loss to people.

A financial loss is something which is the least harmful or all loses. We may lose money but we can always earn it back. Even if we don't get the same amount back it is the end of the world. We always have people to fall back upon.

Professionally losing impact us a lot. It can be losing a position like your job or your post in your colony. Sometimes your lose your reputation because of some incident or because of some rumors spread by people. This thing impacts us deeply. We may lose out on promotion or an incentive, This is a rat race and we accept it or not but we all are part of it. Hence, losing out on this race does impact us mentally.

Personal loses are the worst loses can face. We end up losing people and that have a huge impact on us. The main reason is that they leave a place in our life vacant. If must be meeting them regularly or occasionally and they impact our life in some way or other. Their departure affects us badly.  We have to live with a fact that we can't share some last words with them. We always miss them in our heart and keep them alive in our thoughts.

There is another kind of loss which theoretically is said to be equivalent to personal loss but if you have personally experienced it then you must know that it far worst. It is loss of your social structure. Have you ever shifted your city permanently ? Though in India some people do shift to different cities for work but they have ancestral houses in their home town hence many people don't understand it. Losing your whole social structure is a gigantic loss, it is like you starts living in a parallel universe. You grow up knowing that this is the best shop for sweets and that colony is where you friend live. There are streets where you learn to drive and play with your childhood friends and then suddenly one day, all of this is gone. Like they are just part of your story. The people whom you know exist but you can't get in touch with them. It sometimes feels like dream where you have been caged. 

Losses of any kind is hard to overcome but you need people around you for support. You have to believe in yourself that you can live through this loss as well. You have to analyse that you have survived through all the tough times in life because of the person you are and you will come out of this phase victorious too. 

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