Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Few moments worth sharing

In life, we do come across phases when we are just puzzled, we hardly understand what is right and what is wrong. We all want to be right...we want things to go our way...but in reality it doesn't happen.

We make choices which sometimes are in our favour and sometimes go totally against what we would have wished for.

Whatever be the circumstances, life keeps moving forward and we too should do the same.

I am a very organised person, I like planning things but still there are times when I go totally wrong. Earlier I used to get really upset that how could I not foresee the things but that's life...you can't plan everything. It's just being human to make mistakes.

So what to do when you have made a mistake. I think the best thing is to forgive yourself. The biggest problem we face is that we forgive and justify everyone else's decision but we are unable to forgive ourselves for taking stupid decisions.

I feel that's the part of growing up. We learn by committing mistakes and we must allow ourselves to fail, to make mistakes and to learn. As this is what make us grow.

I was blank for few days...there were lots of things scrambled in my mind but I hardly knew how to put it across. Then it just suddenly comes to you and you just feel brave enough to write what you experienced.

I just feel, I have been a bit childish in making some decisions. I have this thing in me where I like mending things. Mending relations, organising my home...helping out people and sometimes in this whole chaos of life...I forget that I need help too.

Few people who have selflessly been by my side...I sometimes end up ignoring them and give useless importance to other things in life which hardly deserve even a second.

So I have made some amends...and open myself up for criticism. At the same time I appreciate the good work which I have done in this past year. I feel the belief that I would be able to do the things I wish to do have taken me forward. Valuing our own self and people who have been around me has made me stable and relax.

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