Sunday, January 24, 2016

Impact of movies on our lives

Impact of movies in our a very tricky subject to touch. Our movies are inspired by real life situations, some writer or director takes inspiration from society and creates a master piece which he thinks will impact the society. This creation of his then impacts the minds of the people and the society in general. So, we can say it takes a full circle. 

I read a very interesting line once, everything affects everything. At first I couldn't understand how deep this thought is but then slowly and steadily it stated to sink in. I understood how every action which we do or something the thing which we don't do affects even the biggest thing that is happening in this world. It may be possible that me writing this blog post can actually have an impact on Leonardo DiCaprio finally winning an Oscars. 

Coming back to the topic in hand that how movies impact us ? If you have noticed that nowadays we are getting a huge number of sex comedies or sex thrillers. What these movies are serving ? I hardly have an answer to this but I do have an answer about whom these movies are serving ? These movies are reaching out to the youth and unlike some developed countries where kids get proper guidance about sex and go through sex education, here we have left kids to interpret things on their own way. What kind of toll it will take on the youth is something which can't be judged right now.

I am not against anything but I feel the scene in a movie should be justified. If you are trying to sell porn or vulgar movies in mainstream then it is not good for our movies. 

In last few years we have had some amazing movies as well. There has been some movies that have challenged the system, compelled us to think and sometimes made the society to ponder. I have been lucky enough to see some of these movies in the theaters. I sometimes feel good that atleast my choices in movies are good because I do make some blunders in my life. 

Haider was one movie which was exceptionally well written and directed, the acting of all the actors, Shahid Kapoor, Tabu, KK were really fabulous. In the end of the movie you were taking something with you. The movie left a mark on the audience.

Another movie which I watched few months back was Talvar, I had the privilege of watching it before the release, in a special screening. I really enjoyed the movie because it challenged the mindset of the society and the thoughts people already created regarding a popular case

These movies have challenged the society to think beyond the regular things. There were other wonderful movies like Zindagi na milegi dobara, 3 Idiots, Mary kom which left an impact on audiences as well. So, we see some of these movies leave a great impact on us while some has nuisance value only. It is upon us that what we prefer to watch and think.

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