Saturday, January 23, 2016

Music memory

Music plays a very important role in our lives. We take the help of music to express ourself better or sometimes to understand our feelings. We love listening to music while travelling or even when working. Some people love listening to soft music in their free time and some love listening to hard rock in their spare time.

We may have different choices in music but we all love listening to music. It is like food for soul. Just like we all consume food but have different choices in food similarly we all consume music but have different taste in it.

When I listen to music it just stays with me. I don't know how to express it but it just sticks to my heart and soul and the next time whenever I hear those songs I could remember the time when I used to listen to those songs.

One of the best example which I remember is when I went on trip with my best friend to Haridwar. It was an instant plan and both of woke up in the morning and packed a bag and decided to board a bus. From Delhi, Haridwar is just few hours by bus. Both us us were in college and it was the start of long weekend and around 6 o'clock in the morning we were standing in the bus stop waiting for a bus to arrive.

In few minutes, we boarded the bus and made ourself comfortable and the back seat. The bus was carrying only few passengers. As 15-20 minutes passed, we thought that lets listen to some music. When we saw our mobiles, we realized that there were no songs available except one song which was there in our phone memory. "Aaj din chadiya" from love aaj kal movie was the which we had, It was around 4 hours or even more that we kept on hearing that song on repeat. So, whenever I hear that song I end up remembering that trip.

It is amazing that how we kept listening to that same song again and again without feeling bored. I don't know it happens to anyone or not but when I hear a song in repeat then every time it's start playing I end up finding something new in that song, maybe a lyrics, maybe a tone or maybe some instrument playing in the background or just some memory. Every time I listen to the song it gives me something new. 

There are many other songs which are close to me and I do have memories attached to them as well. It is wonderful how some great memories get attached to some song and become a part of our life. While writing this post, I again got the opportunity to listen to this beautiful song. I have added the video, hope you will like it.

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  1. I second your thought Gaurab; some music are close to my heart and 'Khuda Jane' is one among them. Nice post :)


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