Sunday, January 24, 2016

Impact of Steve Jobs

Impact of Steve Jobs has been huge to the society. You need a 10,000 page book to summarize it all. He has been a role model to millions. Most of the entrepreneurs and Tech geeks find inspiration from his life. His life and work is something which can motivate anyone to achieve something which is beyond them. He believed in striving for excellence and motivated everyone to achieve it.

His impact can be felt in so many different fields. From technology in mobiles to desktop computing. From scientific research to music industry. He has impacted so many different fields and people with the dreams and visions.

Desktop computing is the first field which experienced his genius. Apple computers came up the best interface to work with, still people have not been able to create anything which will provide a better computing facility than a mac. 

Mobiles were revolutionized by Steve Jobs. I phone were and still are the best computing devices which a person a own. It was not just the hardware or the graphics he worked on. He worked on the design, look and the feel as well. Having an I-phone is still an experience which others can't understand. If you don't have an I-phone then you don't have an I-phone. It can't be compared to anything.

Music industry saw a revolution with the launch of I-pod and I-tunes. The industry which was not able to cope up with the digital era and was rapidly going down, got a new life. Many other platforms helped but his work was instrumental. 

His personal life is also an inspiration for all the people. He fought with cancer for so many years even when doctors gave up on him. He was suffering from this tragic disease but he never let anyone know that how much he was suffering.

In professional life, he was thrown out of his own company after he took it to such great heights but he still didn't gave up. He started working on different projects and he kept learning. He was firm believer of karma. If you will do good work then good things will come back to you. 

After many years, his new firm was taken over by Apple and he again came back at the top of the company which he started once. Was it all destined or was it a karma ? I hardly have answer but he believed in what he did and he kept at it. He followed his heart, sometimes his decisions were wrong and sometimes they were right but both these decisions are necessary to make us what we end up becoming. These decisions ultimately take us the position where our heart actually want to reach.

I think the most important thing which we all can learn from the life of Steve jobs is that we all should follow our heart because our heart already know where it wants to go. We should just give an ear to what it is trying to say. 

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  1. That's why am an iPhone fan 😊😊
    Great write-up Gaurab!

    Cheers, Archana -


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