Saturday, May 14, 2016

Journey to my favorite destination

We all have the favorite place where we all want to travel again and again. The place which enriches us. the place which feels new every single time, we visit it.
For me Haridwar is that place.

Travelling to Haridwar is itself a wonderful experience. I like travelling by road as it is not that far from Delhi and the whole journey from Delhi to haridwar is a scenic one which every traveler must experience.

There are buses available but I prefer booking a cab for the travel. It provides better flexibility and comfort while travelling. You can stop at any Dhaba you like and you can take a detour when the roads are filled with traffic.

The journey starts from Delhi and then it has two parts. Travelling in Uttar pradesha and then travelling in Uttarakhand. When you enter Uttarakhand the whole atmosphere changes. The air quality improves a lot. For a person living in Delhi this is a luxury.

Our journey started early in the morning and we tried to cover as much distance as we can during the morning hours as there is less traffic available. We tried to cross Meerut in the first few hours so that we could avoid the traffic. After that we stopped at a food joint for some refreshment.

Some towns you would pass are Meerut, Muzaffarnagar and Roorkee. They have there own flavours and you can stop for sometime to eat in the local dhabas to have the best foods they offer.I took the last journey with my family and stopped at every single city.

When we reached Muzaffarnagar, we stopped at the subway restaurant for some food and water. This resturant falls on the road itself and is visited by the tourists only who are travelling from one place to another. We saw many families like us who were also in their weekend trip. If you want you can also take Domestic Airlines to reach your destination.

In our last journey when we reached haridwar, it was already late hence we quickly reached Mansa devi mandir which we always visit when we go to haridwar. The ropeway is a wonderful experience which we all must try. We always  use the ropeway and the last journey was no different. Ropeway gives a 360 degree view of the town. You can see the far off mountains and the beautiful river ganga flowing freely.

After reaching the top of the mountain where the Mansa devi mandir is situated we had to wait for some time as there was a long queue. Then after half an hour we visited the Divine temple of Mata Mansa devi. It always gives you a peaceful and calm experience.

After visiting Mansa devi, we went to the nearby Ghat, where we enjoyed the sunset. The river is deep there and hence chains are put in. We must hold the chains when we are taking a dip. I always take a dip in that holy water. 

After that we visited the nearby market and did some shopping. We bought some show pieces as well. Then we went to a restaurant for having a heavy dinner. After the dinner it was our time to head back and boarded our four wheeler. There are many Airlines available also if you want to take flights to reach home.


  1. wow! Must be a great experience. It was lovely to know about your favorite destination, Gaurab :)

  2. Hi Gaurab, I hope you are well. Lovely to hear about your journey to Haridwar


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