Sunday, June 19, 2016

As the boy sleep

The sunlight was entering the room through a small window. The boy who was sleeping in his bed turned his face around so that the light doesn't disturb his sleep. He was really tired after an eventful week with his friends and family. He wished he could just sleep some more time...

He turned around and this time the sunlight was brighter. He could understand that the day has long begun and he would be late if he doesn't wake up now...

He woke up with a headache, the reason for which he could hardly remember. He stood up and saw empty liquor bottles lying in front of the mirror. He went there to put them aside. He stood infront of the mirror to see himself... just to find a grown up man staring back at him from the mirror.


  1. Your writings have so much depth, Gaurab.
    Within just a few words, you have beautifully portrayed the reality of life.
    Please do write short stories more often. Love reading them :)

  2. haha Gaurav, been there and done that. It's a stark reality!!


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