Tuesday, February 4, 2014

What AAP or Arvind kejriwal wants to achieve ?

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When AAP was formed, the party in its website and through it's mails tried to emphasis on few points which they would like to achieve as a party. Points which will just not improve the Indian system but revolutionize the system functioning. The issues in which they want the change as written below.
(1) wants JANLOKPAL BILL (not the Govt. Lokpal Bill) passed so that the corrupt is sent to jail and looted money is recovered from him or her?

(2) wants ELECTRORAL REFORMS so that the criminals can not contest the elections?

(3) wants JUDICIAL REFORMS so that each and every judge of this country is made accountable and verdict in the cases is pronounced maximum within 3 years?

(4) wants POLICE REFORMS so that the police is made accountable towards the public of this nation and not the Netas (leaders) of ruling party?

(5) wants the BLACK MONEY, stashed abroad and within the country declared as national assets?

(6) and MOST IMPORTANTLY, does he want the C.B.I independent of the government (not only the appointment of CBI director through collegium, but the independence of entire team with no administrative and functional control of Government)?


  1. I sincerely hope , AAP achieves the above mentioned points & make Delhi or let say this country a better place.

    1. Hi Nikhil, thanks for being the first person to comment on my new blog. Yes, we all hope the same thing. :)


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