Thursday, February 19, 2015

Bedtime Rituals

Babies fill our lives with joy and enthusiasm. Babies are said to be the life of the house. They fill the whole house with their laughter.

All of us have some different ways to entertain our kids. Some people like to play with them. Some like to tell them bed time stories and others like making funny faces for them or doing something to make them laugh. Kids take up all the free time of the parents. They keep their parents involved in some or the other kind of activities.

Just before going to sleep is the time when kids take the most of the attention. They are filled with energy even during night so to make them sleep is a really hard task.  All the parents have some rituals to make their kids sleep during this time.

My Bedtime ritual

If I am coming late from work, I try to keep my volume down so that my baby doesn't wake up. I try to go to the very silently to take a glimpse of her. When I reach there I see that the little monster is still awake. I don't know she stays awake or gets awake even with the slight noise of my shoes.

As I enter the room, her shinning eyes makes me forget everything. She looks at me with a feeling of love and joy. Her excitement peaks when I cuddle her and take her in my arms. It's really hard to keep her static at one position. It is a task which even great fighters will fail, it is just impossible to control her when she is on my arms.

I give her trip of the whole house and then bring her back to the room. She likes playing a little and then she gets a lot of cuddling and love from me and her mom. After that I start singing some of my favorite songs for her. This is the time she understands that it's time for her sleep. I go close to her and look her directly into her eyes while I sing. The beautiful angel starts feeling sleepy and in few minutes she goes to sleep. This wonderful ritual is the best part of my day. This relaxes me and rejuvenates me at the same time.

Most important part of the ritual

Another thing which is an integral of this ritual is making my child wear the Pamper baby dry pants before she sleeps. The last thing you want is that after making all this effort you baby wakes up again because of the wet pants and you would have to make her sleep again by doing the same rituals in the middle of the night. So, you may have any ritual but having the pamper baby dry pants is a must. I use only these pants for my baby because they dry not just from outside but from inside as well. Hence, you can have a peaceful sleep that your baby is actually dry and sleeping well.

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