Saturday, February 28, 2015

Get a better Car with Quikr NXT

In today's world the technology is getting advanced with every passing day. We need better gadgets and better equipment to be at par with this fast moving world. The world is moving fast and we need a equally fast vehicle to take us to our destinations.

I use my dad's old car for the purpose of traveling. It is an old Maruti 800, not much popular these days but once it was the aspiring India's dream car. The car is in good condition and the mileage is also decent but I think everybody wants better things in life. To improve upon what they have and to look towards better avenues.

I was thinking about getting a new and better car from long time but the hassles one has to go through are too much for me. I can't run around buyers to sell my car as I have work and without selling my car, I won't be able to get a new one. It is not just about monetary issue but if you stay in Delhi NCR then you would know that how hard it is find a parking space. Having a parking space is luxury, though I have this luxury but I can't have park another one. 

Even after having the money it is hard task to find a good car. I would definitely like to see some good used cars as well. Some high range cars which have not be used for much traveling and fits my budget would be tough ask to find. Going through the agents is again a hectic task and they take their commission as well. Further, you don't get to know much about the owner and the car before seeing it.

One day while browsing I stumbled upon this website called Quikr. It has made it so easy to sell and then buy cars. In few steps only I can get a better car for myself. In just few easy steps you can sell your old car and also buy a new one.

The first thing you should do is post a free ad for your car. Quikr provides different categories to post for different things so that it becomes easier for you to post as well easier for the customers to find the thing they are looking for. In just few clicks I posted my ad in quikr for my old car.

In just few days you will get enough people who will be willing to buy your car. Chat with the person who gives you the best offer and discuss and the terms and you can sell you car without any problems.

Interestingly, because of quikr next, I didn't even have to talk to them so many times. I just chatted with them according to my availability and this worked really well for me. Since I work, this is the best arrangement I could get. I have even recommended this to few of my colleagues.

After selling, then it was my turn to look for some car which matches my choice.
I didn't have to look anywhere else as there was so many great options available in Quikr. 

We can search cars according to cities. In the cities, you can do a further search according to brands or fuel type. This allowed me to search for my dream cars in minutes. One can also search according to the price range. By fixing a price range you end up getting the cars which people are selling at the rate which you can afford.

I selected my car in minutes but was unsure about some details hence I thought about discussing it with the owner. I chatted with him and got answers for all my questions. 

The whole experience was so wonderful that it feels like magic and in just one week I have better car with me. Thanks to Quikr NXT.

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