Sunday, March 1, 2015

Apno ko apne dam pe jena sikhao

Family play the most important role in a person's life. His growth and development is hugely dependent on the support and motivation he gets from his family. Everyone has some person in their family that they look up to, a person who motivates them, a person who helped them stand on their feet and helped them be the person that they are today.

My life is hugely influenced by my mother. She has been an epitome of sacrifice and hard work. When I was born, she left her job to take care of me. She made me her priority over anything else. In today's world where people prefer hired hands to take care of their children, she preferred being there for me.

In the growing up stages, it is very necessary for people to have a good guidance. She always used to teach me positive thoughts and told me to be a better person first and then thing of earning or doing anything else. One can hire people to take care of the children but those hired people will only take care, they will never be able to impart the right knowledge and information to the kids. My mother just didn't impart right kind of knowledge but inculcated values and traditions in me as well.

My mother wanted me to grow in every field. She used to push me everyday to achieve things. From seeing how I am doing in my school to how I was doing in extra-curricular activities. She always used to tell me that you should give your best and don't thing about anything else. If you are giving all your efforts then success will surely be yours.

Another thing which she used to say every time I used to feel low was that, "if someone is able to do that thing then you will also be able to do just have to work harder and smarter"

As I grew up, I started living in the hostel for my studies. In hostel, the life changes totally. You have to do everything yourself and there are people to judge you all the time. People easily gets distracted and lose their focus further it is very common for people to get depressed. In those situation, a person's inner strength is checked.

Every time I used to feel low, I used to remember all the things my mother taught me and the motivational lines she used to tell me. I still tell myself that if someone else can do it then I can also do it...I just have to work harder and smarter". What she taught me in my childhood still resonates in my mind. 

My mother actually is the reason for all the things I achieved in my life. She made me the person I am. She taught me stand on my feet and I am proud to say she is the family member who has guided and encouraged me to grow into a better, self-reliant person.

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  1. Your Parents are the ones you own your life and success to, even when they are not to pick you up, it means they want you to stand on your own for your good

  2. Mothers are definitely the biggest support in our lives, your mother is a lovely hardworking woman ! :)
    #Respect !

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  4. A mother surely is the biggest inspiration :)

    From giving birth to raising you up, she plays an important role :)

    She'll stay hungry but never let her child sleep without food.. Fulfilling our wish is her necessity..
    She is the ocean of love :)

    Thanks for reminding me to say my mom thanks for all the things she does for me :)


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