Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Taxi service in Delhi

Delhi, the capital of India is one of the most sought after tourist places for domestic as well as foreign tourists. People from all over the world flock here throughout the year to admire the heritage and beauty of the city. 

If a person is planning to visit Delhi, he should not only book hotels but should also book his taxi. There are many companies that provide taxi service in Delhi. Olacabs are one of the best cab service in Delhi. Meru cabs and taxi for sure are other taxi service providers. 

If you search Delhi cab service you may find lots of cab service providers in Delhi but not all of them will provide good service. Since safety is one of the prime factors before choosing a taxi service in Delhi hence I will recommend people to go for trusted brand rather than going for a cab which provides cheaper rates.

Generally, any taxi service in Delhi charges you between Rs.11/km to Rs.15/km. You should try to find a good taxi service with the best price. Always keep emergency numbers, numbers of the taxi office and taxi drivers. Most of the cabs are GPS enabled but still you should confirm the details before booking a taxi service.

There are also private taxi owners who provide taxi service in Delhi, you can book them at your own risk. They can provide you cheaper rates and you can bargain with them also. They also give you the option between ac and non-ac taxis.

Once you have fixed your taxi service, you can plan your travel itinerary. There is a Delhi government's travel portal which will give you the details of all the tourist places in the city. Since the Delhi is a huge city, you should try to cover all the destinations in two or three days. 

For example, you can travel all the places in South Delhi on first day and then the remaining places including purani Delhi on the second day. By doing this you will manage to travel more places and will also be able to devote good time to each and every place. 

Some of the good places that you can travel in south Delhi are Qutub Minar and Chattarpur temple. On the second day you can visit the Akshardham temple and purani Delhi.

To enjoy the city of Delhi properly, my suggestion will be to book your taxi service in Delhi in advance so that you don't face any problems and can focus your attention in enjoying the city.


  1. Thanks Gaurab, that's handy and informative too :)

  2. I'll surely follow this guide on my next visit to Delhi... :-D

  3. Short and crisp. A very informative post indeed, Gaurab :)


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