Friday, March 6, 2015

Dry baby, Happy baby

It is a holiday and my baby comes to know about it when she sees me sitting in-front of her in the morning. She gets really excited because she knows that this day is reserved for her games and entertainment.

The first thing which we do in the morning is clean her and freshen her up. Morning is the time when all of us feel excited but she is only in her first gear. She starts with throwing tantrums that she want to come into my lap and then she want to go outside. No, she hasn't started talking properly except a few words but she can make you understand everything. She knows who to convey her wishes. She is a really clever soul. :-)

As the day progresses she starts changing her gears and comes into her devilish form, she won't eat anything till I don't do something funny to make her laugh. It's not that she will become happy after one performance, she want to see a performance from me after every bite she takes and it's not that you can repeat your performance. You have to do something new every time to make her laugh or she won't get pleased.

After many performances she completes her food but then she won't sleep, it's time for her to start running and make us run around. We fear that she doesn't fall, hence we keep running behind her or with her. don't know from where does she gets all the energy. After running around she will play with toys and we will have to play with her too. 

After all the fun, it's time for her to take a nap but she won't sleep till both of us (me and her mom) are sitting next to her. She will keep looking at both of us with her big dreamy eyes. After lots of permutations we found out that she sleeps the quickest when we sing her songs. She will hear some 5-10 songs from both of us and then only she will fall asleep. It is like a battle that we fight and when she sleeps the battle is won but only for the time being, i.e., till she wakes up again.

The day becomes so much settled and organized because she wears pampers baby dry pants. we don't have to worry much about her being dry when she is playing the whole day and more importantly she can have a very peaceful sleep when she sleeping. It will become a really hard task to make her sleep again if she wakes up in the middle of her sleep. Thanks to the pampers dry baby pants we can also have some time to rest before she wakes up. It is such a wonderful thing that I have also recommended it to all my friends. 

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