Thursday, March 5, 2015

Finding daily dose of optimism in travelling

If you stay in Delhi and travel everyday in public transport then it is really hard for you to find optimism. You have to struggle every day just to reach your office on time and in good shape.  He is already mentally prepared to face all the non-sense in the roads even before starting his journey.

I feel optimism can be found from the smallest of things. I see optimism in the people who wake up everyday and struggle every day in metro to reach their office. During the office going hours, there is so much crowd in the metros the people are not even able to move a single inch. 

In that same metro you can find many people quarreling or fighting with each other for getting more space to stand comfortably and for getting inside or going outside the metro. Women face more trouble as there is just reserved coach for them and in rest of them they get pushed the same way like other men.

You will say what optimism is there in these quarreling or people getting pushed ? The optimism is not there in the pushing or quarreling but when you see a person out of crowd standing up and offering a seat to a standing women or an old man. The optimism is there when so people make space so that other men can get accommodate in the metro so that they don't get late. Optimism is there when  men allow women the space to stand properly even in the busiest metro coaches and allowing them to move out comfortably. 

Yes, there are negative people and there always will be but we have to find the optimism in this world. We will have to find the silver linings. Among all the stress and the problems we will have to see the small moments of purity which makes us happy and gives us the assurance that world will always be a good place. 

As I was traveling to my reach my work I saw few dogs near a tea stall looking at man who was eating biscuits. I remembered how the dogs outside my office looks at me the same way and how I feed them a whole packet of biscuit. As I was thinking about this, I saw the same man buy a packet of biscuits and feeding the dogs who were standing in front of him. 

I do see lots of people hitting and kicking dogs and I feel really helpless that I can't help all of them but when I see people helping dogs I feel happy from inside. I feel optimistic that tomorrow is going to be a better day and we will give the next generation a better world to live in.

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  1. Gaurab.. that is such a sweet post.. I definitely agree with you. Travelling and meeting people (whom we have never met) can bring out the best in us. They definitely make us more optimistic and practical in life. Even when we look at travellers, their attitude and approach to life is so different and amazing. Travelling makes us better individuals.

  2. Loved this post! So true, meeting people - friends, family, is definitely the best. And travel is the best teacher.

    Aditi's Monologue


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