Sunday, March 22, 2015

Things that make us happy

Do we really have to think about the things that make us happy ? I feel we are either happy or are wishing to be happy. These are the only two state of minds that exist. 

There are many small things that bring happiness to my life. One the most important thing is my blog. When I end up writing a creative post then it gives me immense pleasure. I believe that writing blog is really different from writing a story or writing a diary. In blog, you write for the people who read it. If you get good number of people reading your blog then that means you have been successfully able to connect to them.

When I started writing, blog was just like a creative outlet for me. I used to pour my heart out in my blog. Then I started understanding the people who used to read my blog. I started understanding the divine connection we all share. Maybe these days I don't update my blog that regularly neither do I write that many creative posts but the connections which I made through my blog are still there. I feel that they read my blog for my honesty. 

There are many more small things that makes me happy. I like playing with dogs, so if I get a chance to be around them I love it. I do spend some time with my neighbor's dog everyday. Further I spend time with street dogs as well whenever I could spare  a moment.

I am a learner and learning new things give me lots of pleasure. It can be anything, from banking to astro-physics everything interests me. Some people have told me that my eyes twinkle when I learn something new. I think I have to tell them to capture that moment. :P

Another thing which can make me happy even when I am really sad is good food. I am a foodie and I really enjoy having good food, just the last day I was pestering few of my friends to get married as it has been a long time I have ate in a marriage party. Food is something which I think many people like and having a good food works as a healer. Whenever my mood is down I end up ordering some tasty food. You forget everything when you are having some delicious food.

I feel we all should try to find happiness in small things as these small happy moments combine together to make our life really amazing. If you are thinking where to start just start by smiling at people whom you meet, it will definitely cheer you up. Talk to people who love you, spend some of your time talking to your family and relatives. I hope you find happiness and spread some in the world.

Want to spread some happiness right now ? Do leave a comment. It will definitely make me happy. :D

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