Thursday, January 21, 2016

Impact people with your work

Impact is a very strong word. If a person is able to impact us in anyway then he must be having something in him which led us to not just understand him but also it left a lasting impression. If something or someone impact us then there is a possibility it may bring some change in us also. 

I personally feel that we should leave an impact on people with the kind of work we are doing. Sometimes the work which we do don't give us instant result, sometimes even after a hard fought day we would have nothing to show as an achievement. There would be times when the work which we do won't be bearing any fruit but we have to keep at it, we have keep doing our good work. 

It is important for us to work even when there is no recognition or no reward as all the work which we do always stay with us. This is the only thing which will stay with us, in life and in death. Work is what differentiates a person from the crowd. Work is something which will make you stand out and work will be the only thing which gives your true reflection.

The creativity and efforts which we put in our work is something which is admired by people in us. We are the work which we do. We are represented by the kind of work which we do. If you do great work then you will be represented by that great work and it will become your identity.

Though it feels very vague to understand but it will all become really clear if I will give you some examples, we all know Sachin Tendulkar, Amitabh Bachan, Vishwannathan Anand, APJ Abdul Kalam, Rabindra Nath Tagore. Is there any similarity between them ? You would say no, they are from different fields, different eras, different places. The thing common in them is the quality of work they have done. They are the best in their field. There can't be any second thoughts when you will say who has done the best work in certain field. 

Who's the greatest batsmen of all time and you have the answer in your mind ? Who is the best actor in Bollywood ? and you have the answer in you mind. So, these people have made their name through their work. This work which they have done has impacted so many people to do better in life. People leave a long lasting impact on others life with the work which they do. We all have been motivated and inspired by someone who have left an impact on us with the kind of work which they do.  I feel we all should try to impact other people with our work.

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  1. true true... agree with your points Gaurab... thanks for sharing such a great write-up :-)
    Cheers, Archana -


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